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(317) 889.1476


Do you offer gluten free cupcakes?

     Yes, you just have to pre-order them by contacting us at (317) 889-1476.


Do you offer cupcake stand rental?

     Yes, there is a $5.00 dollar rental fee.


Can I order cupcakes from another day or month?

     Unfortunately, you can only pick from the everyday flavors, the flavors on the day your picking up/having your cupcakes delivered, and the flavors of the month that your in.


Do you offer special decorations for different events?

     Yes, we can pretty much do any theme, idea, or logo that you have.


Do you offer other sizes of cupcakes?

     We sell the standard size cupcake in the shop but mini and jumbo cupcakes are available by pre-ordering.


Do you sell anything other than cupcakes?

     We only sell cupcakes. However we offer fudge, lemon bars and sugar cookies for the holidays and have cupcake cakes available.

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